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General Dentistry Services

Routine Cleanings & Preventive Care

  • Individual Consultations & Dental Exams
  • Cleanings
  • Digital X-rays (When Needed)
  • Sealants (To Help Protect Teeth Against Decay)
  • Fluoride Treatments (For Healthier and Stronger Enamel)
  • Custom Athletic Mouthguards & Nightguards
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The Benefits of Preventive Dentistry

In addition to being interested in the beauty of your smile, we are concerned with the health of your mouth. To help you achieve and maintain your optimal oral health, we focus on preventive care and regular dental checkups. This not only keeps your teeth and gums looking and feeling good, but keeping up with your oral health can also significantly reduce the amount of money you’ll have to spend on dental treatment later in life.

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Restorative Dentistry

  • Tooth-Colored Fillings
  • Porcelain Crowns (Caps) & Fixed Bridges
  • Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy)
  • Dental Implant Restorations
  • Dentures & Removable Partial Dentures (Comfortable, Metal-Free)
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Cosmetic Dentistry

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Periodontal Health (Gum Health)

  • Diagnosis of Gum Disease
  • Surgical & Non-Surgical Treatments for Gum Disease
  • Appropriate Follow-Up & Maintenance

We also screen for early detection of oral cancer. Panoramic x-rays help with this because they allow Dr. Rogers to see possible tumors and other problems associated with the jaws.

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Advanced Technologies & Services We Provide:

Powerful, Professional Teeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening

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In addition to giving you the benefit of a cleaner looking and more attractive smile, whiter teeth can also enhance your confidence and self-esteem. A brighter smile can even lead to healthier teeth because when your teeth look better, you tend to take better care of them to keep them looking great. We offer convenient take home whitening kits (with custom trays) as well as two excellent in-office whitening options. One in-office treatment option is Opalescence® Boost by Ultradent. The Opalescence bleach is so powerful that it doesn’t even need a light to give you noticeable results in 30 minutes and a dazzling white smile in one hour. We also offer KöR Deep Bleaching™, which consists of two in-office treatments with a week of at-home whitening in between. KöR has been shown to brighten teeth up to 16 shades, and the easy-to-follow maintenance program can make your new smile last a lifetime! Best of all, KöR Deep Bleaching has been proven to cause significantly less tooth sensitivity than other whitening methods. Ask us about brightening your smile at your next dental health visit!

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth Colored Fillings

Because composite fillings can be bonded to teeth, they require less extensive preparations and less healthy tooth structure to be removed. This allows Dr. Rogers to create fillings that are often smaller and more natural looking than amalgam (silver) fillings. The tooth-colored material is cured with an intense light and the surface is shaped and polished to match the rest of your tooth, rendering the final restoration smooth and virtually undetectable to the eye.

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Lumineers® System Veneers

Lumineers System Veneers

If you’re ready for a dramatic smile makeover but think that your teeth are too damaged, misshapen, or discolored, you could be a candidate for veneers! Lumineers® porcelain veneers are the comfortable, conservative way to achieve a natural and beautiful smile. Veneers are thin sheets of porcelain that are sculpted by hand, then bonded permanently to the front side of your teeth. Because they require minimal preparation, most veneers can be applied in just two or three visits to our office, with NO shots and NO drills. No kidding!

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ClearCorrect™ Teeth Straightening

Straight Teeth

If you’re like many adults who want straighter teeth but don’t want to go through the hassle of traditional metal braces, ClearCorrect is the clear answer to your teeth-straightening needs. With no wires or brackets, ClearCorrect is just clear, convenient comfort and a definite reason to smile!

ClearCorrect Logo

With ClearCorrect, Dr. Rogers will use a series of custom-made aligners to gradually reposition your teeth. The aligners are comfortable to wear, and they can be removed so you can eat and brush your teeth as you normally would. Because the aligners are made from a transparent plastic material, people might not even know you’re wearing braces at all. Talk to Dr. Rogers about the difference ClearCorrect can make in your smile!

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What Is Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is a modern twist on tried-and-true orthodontics. There is little debate within the orthodontic community that braces are the most widely used and most effective method of giving patients straight, healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. Six Month Smiles has taken the best aspects of braces and modified the treatment and the materials to give adults a common-sense, cosmetic solution that fits their lifestyles.

Six Month Smiles Logo

Here is what makes Six Month Smiles so innovative:

  • Average treatment times of only six months
  • Six Month Smiles clear brackets and tooth-colored wires are barely visible
  • Use of braces as opposed to appliances, aligner trays, or veneers provides optimal final result
  • Six Month Smiles Patient Tray Kits ensure that your appointments are fast and comfortable
  • Low forces and short overall treatment time increases safety and hygiene
  • Six Month Smiles is typically less expensive than traditional braces, Invisalign, or veneers

Frequently Asked Questions about Six Month Smiles

How can teeth be straightened in only six months?

The Six Month Smiles technique employs the latest technology and techniques in dentistry to move your teeth quickly and safely. The key components of the treatment are the use of special nickel titanium wires and a primary focus of moving the teeth that show when you smile.

Six months sounds good, but will I still have a mouth full of metal for the whole time?

No! Dr. Rogers uses tooth-colored braces that are barely visible. The wires are tooth-colored as well. These are nothing like metal braces!

How are Six Month Smiles braces more comfortable than regular braces?

Six Month Smiles braces use low force to move teeth more comfortably. Many people think that the accelerated treatment means simply “tightening” regular braces to get the teeth moving, but that is not true. Six Month Smiles utilizes standard orthodontic mechanics, but with an emphasis on the cosmetic appearance of your teeth rather than the position of your bite.

Do Six Month Smiles braces damage the teeth, roots, or gums?

There are no more risks of root damage or other issues than those associated with traditional orthodontics. Since the forces used with Six Month Smiles braces are lighter and teeth are seldom extracted, there are actually even fewer risks involved with Six Month Smiles orthodontics.

Will I have to wear a retainer?

Yes, as with any teeth-straightening treatment a retainer is necessary to maintain the straighter position of your teeth. If you donít want to wear a removable retainer, you can have a bonded retainer placed. There are a variety of options that you can choose from according to your personal preference and situation.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. If you are an adult (15 years and older) with crooked or spaced teeth and you’re not looking for a major alteration to your bite, this could be the solution for you! Most adults ARE candidates for Six Month Smiles.

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Dental Implant Restorations

Dental Implants

If you’re one of the millions of people who are missing teeth and struggling with ill-fitting, uncomfortable dentures or retainers with false teeth, we have a solution for you! Dr. Rogers and our team can give your smile a second chance with dental implant restorations. Dental implants improve the fit, function, and stability of dentures, resolving many of the practical and social problems associated with dentures. Implants can preclude cavities in restored teeth, reduce your risk of needing a root canal, and healthy implants can even prevent further bone loss.

In addition to denture stabilization, implants can also be used as single-tooth replacements and in conjunction with some crown and bridge applications. Call today to discover how this wonderful option in restorative dentistry could change your life!

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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

If you have felt anxious or even fearful about dental treatment in the past, you are not alone. We want you to know that such feelings are common and people of any age can experience them. We also want you to know that we can help! Oral conscious sedation dentistry—sometimes referred to as “relaxation dentistry”—is a sedation option we offer to help you become as comfortable as possible through a simple pill. Some people mistakenly call it “sleep dentistry,” but though you will feel very calm and relaxed during treatment, you will still be awake and able to respond. Thanks to oral conscious sedation, more patients can have all necessarydental treatment completed in one day and they regain alertness feeling refreshed. If you have avoided seeing a dentist because of dental anxiety, please contact us today to schedule an appointment. We want to help you get the dental treatment you need, just the way you need it.

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Digital X-rays & Digital Imaging


Digital X-ray

Digital x-rays are a fast and comfortable tool we use to accurately diagnose your dental health needs. They emit significantly less radiation than conventional x-rays and require no chemical processing, which makes them the smart choice for your smile and for the environment, too! We also employ digital imaging, so you can preview your new smile before treatment even begins.

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Intraoral Camera


Using this camera, we can give you a tour of your mouth live on a TV screen. The intraoral camera also enables us to guide you through your diagnosis and treatment options and keep you informed every step of the way. We want to empower you make smart decisions for your oral health and smile.

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Dental Magnification Loupes

Excellent dental care requires exacting precision and attention to detail. We must work in very small spaces and must be accurate to a fraction of a millimeter. To help us, Dr. Rogers and our hygienists use special prismatic magnification glasses, or “loupes.”

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For Your Comfort & Convenience

We offer wireless internet in our reception area as well as TVs, headphones, and blankets in all of our treatment rooms to keep you relaxed and entertained throughout your visit. Life is stressful sometimes, but going to the dentist doesn’t have to be!

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Meet Dr. Scott Rogers

Lakshmi Chittajallu

Dr. J. Scott Rogers graduated from Clemson University in 1998 and received his DMD degree from the Medical University of South Carolina in 2004. After graduating, Dr. Rogers served with the National Health Service Corp. in Columbia, SC.
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